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Tiny House Movement

Less is more? The Tiny House movement is a push for accessible, sustainable, and comfortable living. Most designs fit a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom: all comfortably sitting on a trailer track that allows it to be moved to various locations. Equipped with solar panels and rain collectors, some of these designs can be moved entirely off-grid.

Tiny houses offer a radical alternative of mobility and accessibly living rent-free. A great platform of minimalism to save money, live sustainably, and have more for experiences and their own ambitions.

Read More via 👉 Tiny House Nederland

Electricity Provider Grid+ is Live! (ether)

Grid+ is disrupting the energy market by using the ethereum blockchain, dai stablecoin, and in-home devices to monitor energy generation. As one of the leading blockchain energy projects, they have proudly announced their launch in Austin, Texas. If you’d like you participate in this energy revolution and live in live in either the Oncor or Centerpoint regions of Texas, you can sign up for Grid+ RIGHT NOW! Currently their launch product offers fixed-price post-pay plans (standard of the Texan energy market).

Read More via the ☀️ Grid+ blog announcement

Drone Delivery Challenges (interview)

Flytrex is a drone delivery company that has already operated pilots in Iceland, delivered toothpicks on demand in Israel, and now partnered with North Carolina’s Department of Transportation in the USA. Their CEO Yariv Bash provides a 30 minute interview about the logistics of a drone delivery company.

🗣 Listen to the interview here

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A movement to build the future, powered by you.

NestEgg’s New Year Plans

Currently NestEgg is running its simulation, giving a sneak peak at what the dashboard will look like upon launch. Yet where is this going? NestEgg is currently iterating the platform in pre-launch and has been collecting feedback to fine-tune the dashboard and clear out the bugs. This is preparing for NestEgg’s MVP launch of providing energy infrastructure from other companies (like the of infrastructure crowdfunds). In the background NestEgg is preparing blockchain pilots for building a longer term platform into the future. Read more here.

Rethink Retirement!

📺 Watch the trailer video!

NestEgg began as a hackathon project at the Odyssey Hackathon (then called Dutch Blockchain Hackathon). The world of pensions and retirement is more exciting than you think. APG (largest dutch pension service provider) is sponsoring the Rethink Retirement track at the hackathon, available to help individuals develop blockchain and ai solutions to create alternative forms of life security or provide pension services to places unserved.

The hackathon is this April 12-14 in Groningen, Netherlands. Up to €200k in cash prizes.

Signups last until Feb 25 👉 Sign up at

Americans living in the Netherlands

Chris Sparks and Dean Masley are Americans who live and work in the Netherlands. What is it like for these patriots to be living in Europe? What are some of the differences and broken myths did they come across?

Listen to their 📺 Couch Talk video

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A movement to build the future, powered by you.

in Nederlands!

🎨🖌 Fresh Coat of Paint

NestEgg is launching updates preparing for launch. When the platform launches, you’ll be able to crowdfund green energy infrastructure and reduce your kWh by your share of production. Thus, without installation or maintenance, you can own solar panels digitally with the same benefit.

What does it look like to build a portfolio of infrastructure that provides for your basic needs? Explore the dashboard and see the costs associated by playing with the demo.

Try the Demo 👉

🛣 NestEgg’s Journey

The Oddyssey Hackathon (coming up this April in Groningen, NL) interviewed NestEgg co-founder Nathalie Drost how NestEgg was started. Launching from a 48 hour hackathon, NestEgg teamed up with APG, the largest pension service provider in the Netherlands, to pursue an ambitious product to Rethink Retirement.

🎥 Watch Nathalie’s Interview

⚡️ Micro-Grids: the future is live in NL 🇳🇱

The Netherlands is a sandbox for experimentation and innovation. Various companies have come together to pilot radical new energy grid systems to prepare for decentralized energy production.

Currently, our cities are powered by centralized grids to achieve cheap costs via large economies of scale. Yet the emergence of decentralized energy production, primarily solar panels on people’s homes, create a challenge for the grid as the system was designed to be powered by large power plants.

Thus, it’s time to reimagine how the grid should be deployed when everyone has solar panels and batteries to store abundant energy. By moving towards micro-grids, energy production will be resilient to disruption and can replace dependence on carbon fuels.

📑Read the 95 page report

Week 30 of th3build

A movement to build the future, powered by you.

🇳🇱 in Nederlands: vertaald door Samenleven

Use NestEgg before anyone else!

🤔 What if you could build a portfolio of basic needs?

NestEgg is soon launching fake crowdfunds so you can sign up and simulate building a basket of your basic needs.

Help them fix bugs, clarify communication, and fine-tune the platform to delightful perfection for customers at launch. Better yet… NestEgg is paying €1 per useful feedback form submitted during the simulation. Get paid to be early-adopter.

👉 Find out more information about NestEgg’s private beta and sign-up here 🎉

Behind the NestEgg scene

NestEgg is more social than a bi-weekly newsletter. If you’d like to follow the day-to-day routines and small updates from the team, they share their experience through their instagram feed/daily-stories and twitter.

Be social. Ask NestEgg about smart cities, sharing economies, or give your own opinions. An egghead always responds to those joining the discussion.

🐦NestEgg’s Twitter ➕ 📸 NestEgg’s Instagram

Nature 2.0 - The Trees Own Themselves

#Commonization is the hashtag of the season. A concept how we can create new governance for the commons, a sphere of life that traditionally is ignored by the marketplace. Nature 2.0 aims to discuss concepts such as, “how can a forest own itself?” and administrate an appropriate use of resources to mitigate concerns like deforestation. Currently these initiatives to control resources are organized by government, yet the future must have more resilient autonomous structures to prevent shifting political winds from turning back progress made.

👉 Discover more about Nature2.0 on twitter

Week 27 of th3build

A movement to build the future, powered by you.

🇳🇱 in Nederlandse

We’re back from WebSummit! 🛬

Last week, NestEgg held a booth at WebSummit 2018, one of the largest tech conferences in Europe, hosted this year in Lisbon. While at WebSummit, our team met with investors, entrepreneurs, industry stakeholders, and enthusiasts about the possibilities of sharing economies once we the people own the infrastructure around us.

🎞 Watch our WebSummit montage.

3 Lessons from YC’s Startup School

Two weeks ago, NestEgg completed our 10-week course with Y Combinator’s remote Startup School, fall class of 2018. The course offered educational resources and weekly office hours to groups of startups to share and discuss progress/obstacles.

During these 10 weeks, NestEgg has been preparing for our upcoming pilot ☀️ SolarShare: a platform to crowdfund and share solar panels on other people’s roofs in order to reduce your own energy bill.

If you’re building a startup, 📝 here’s our 3 biggest takeaways from the course.

☀️ Droomgaard: a sustainable transition

NestEgg is currently working with stakeholders in the Limburg province to crowdfund a set of solar panels to be built for a local community garden. This garden serves the community by providing a place to grow your own produce and spices at a significantly cheaper cost than the grocery store.

We wanted to help this garden transition off of being fueled by gas and transition it to become 100% sustainably powered by the sun. Follow our social media for updates on this early test before the first SolarShare deployment.

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