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🎨🖌 Fresh Coat of Paint

NestEgg is launching updates preparing for launch. When the platform launches, you’ll be able to crowdfund green energy infrastructure and reduce your kWh by your share of production. Thus, without installation or maintenance, you can own solar panels digitally with the same benefit.

What does it look like to build a portfolio of infrastructure that provides for your basic needs? Explore the dashboard and see the costs associated by playing with the demo.

Try the Demo 👉

🛣 NestEgg’s Journey

The Oddyssey Hackathon (coming up this April in Groningen, NL) interviewed NestEgg co-founder Nathalie Drost how NestEgg was started. Launching from a 48 hour hackathon, NestEgg teamed up with APG, the largest pension service provider in the Netherlands, to pursue an ambitious product to Rethink Retirement.

🎥 Watch Nathalie’s Interview

⚡️ Micro-Grids: the future is live in NL 🇳🇱

The Netherlands is a sandbox for experimentation and innovation. Various companies have come together to pilot radical new energy grid systems to prepare for decentralized energy production.

Currently, our cities are powered by centralized grids to achieve cheap costs via large economies of scale. Yet the emergence of decentralized energy production, primarily solar panels on people’s homes, create a challenge for the grid as the system was designed to be powered by large power plants.

Thus, it’s time to reimagine how the grid should be deployed when everyone has solar panels and batteries to store abundant energy. By moving towards micro-grids, energy production will be resilient to disruption and can replace dependence on carbon fuels.

📑Read the 95 page report