Week 27 of th3build

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🇳🇱 in Nederlandse

We’re back from WebSummit! 🛬

Last week, NestEgg held a booth at WebSummit 2018, one of the largest tech conferences in Europe, hosted this year in Lisbon. While at WebSummit, our team met with investors, entrepreneurs, industry stakeholders, and enthusiasts about the possibilities of sharing economies once we the people own the infrastructure around us.

🎞 Watch our WebSummit montage.

3 Lessons from YC’s Startup School

Two weeks ago, NestEgg completed our 10-week course with Y Combinator’s remote Startup School, fall class of 2018. The course offered educational resources and weekly office hours to groups of startups to share and discuss progress/obstacles.

During these 10 weeks, NestEgg has been preparing for our upcoming pilot ☀️ SolarShare: a platform to crowdfund and share solar panels on other people’s roofs in order to reduce your own energy bill.

If you’re building a startup, 📝 here’s our 3 biggest takeaways from the course.

☀️ Droomgaard: a sustainable transition

NestEgg is currently working with stakeholders in the Limburg province to crowdfund a set of solar panels to be built for a local community garden. This garden serves the community by providing a place to grow your own produce and spices at a significantly cheaper cost than the grocery store.

We wanted to help this garden transition off of being fueled by gas and transition it to become 100% sustainably powered by the sun. Follow our social media for updates on this early test before the first SolarShare deployment.