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Use NestEgg before anyone else!

🤔 What if you could build a portfolio of basic needs?

NestEgg is soon launching fake crowdfunds so you can sign up and simulate building a basket of your basic needs.

Help them fix bugs, clarify communication, and fine-tune the platform to delightful perfection for customers at launch. Better yet… NestEgg is paying €1 per useful feedback form submitted during the simulation. Get paid to be early-adopter.

👉 Find out more information about NestEgg’s private beta and sign-up here 🎉

Behind the NestEgg scene

NestEgg is more social than a bi-weekly newsletter. If you’d like to follow the day-to-day routines and small updates from the team, they share their experience through their instagram feed/daily-stories and twitter.

Be social. Ask NestEgg about smart cities, sharing economies, or give your own opinions. An egghead always responds to those joining the discussion.

🐦NestEgg’s Twitter ➕ 📸 NestEgg’s Instagram

Nature 2.0 - The Trees Own Themselves

#Commonization is the hashtag of the season. A concept how we can create new governance for the commons, a sphere of life that traditionally is ignored by the marketplace. Nature 2.0 aims to discuss concepts such as, “how can a forest own itself?” and administrate an appropriate use of resources to mitigate concerns like deforestation. Currently these initiatives to control resources are organized by government, yet the future must have more resilient autonomous structures to prevent shifting political winds from turning back progress made.

👉 Discover more about Nature2.0 on twitter