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Week 30 of th3build

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🇳🇱 in Nederlands: vertaald door Samenleven

Use NestEgg before anyone else!

🤔 What if you could build a portfolio of basic needs?

NestEgg is soon launching fake crowdfunds so you can sign up and simulate building a basket of your basic needs.

Help them fix bugs, clarify communication, and fine-tune the platform to delightful perfection for customers at launch. Better yet… NestEgg is paying €1 per useful feedback form submitted during the simulation. Get paid to be early-adopter.

👉 Find out more information about NestEgg’s private beta and sign-up here 🎉

Behind the NestEgg scene

NestEgg is more social than a bi-weekly newsletter. If you’d like to follow the day-to-day routines and small updates from the team, they share their experience through their instagram feed/daily-stories and twitter.

Be social. Ask NestEgg about smart cities, sharing economies, or give your own opinions. An egghead always responds to those joining the discussion.

🐦NestEgg’s Twitter ➕ 📸 NestEgg’s Instagram

Nature 2.0 - The Trees Own Themselves

#Commonization is the hashtag of the season. A concept how we can create new governance for the commons, a sphere of life that traditionally is ignored by the marketplace. Nature 2.0 aims to discuss concepts such as, “how can a forest own itself?” and administrate an appropriate use of resources to mitigate concerns like deforestation. Currently these initiatives to control resources are organized by government, yet the future must have more resilient autonomous structures to prevent shifting political winds from turning back progress made.

👉 Discover more about Nature2.0 on twitter

Week 27 of th3build

A movement to build the future, powered by you.

🇳🇱 in Nederlandse

We’re back from WebSummit! 🛬

Last week, NestEgg held a booth at WebSummit 2018, one of the largest tech conferences in Europe, hosted this year in Lisbon. While at WebSummit, our team met with investors, entrepreneurs, industry stakeholders, and enthusiasts about the possibilities of sharing economies once we the people own the infrastructure around us.

🎞 Watch our WebSummit montage.

3 Lessons from YC’s Startup School

Two weeks ago, NestEgg completed our 10-week course with Y Combinator’s remote Startup School, fall class of 2018. The course offered educational resources and weekly office hours to groups of startups to share and discuss progress/obstacles.

During these 10 weeks, NestEgg has been preparing for our upcoming pilot ☀️ SolarShare: a platform to crowdfund and share solar panels on other people’s roofs in order to reduce your own energy bill.

If you’re building a startup, 📝 here’s our 3 biggest takeaways from the course.

☀️ Droomgaard: a sustainable transition

NestEgg is currently working with stakeholders in the Limburg province to crowdfund a set of solar panels to be built for a local community garden. This garden serves the community by providing a place to grow your own produce and spices at a significantly cheaper cost than the grocery store.

We wanted to help this garden transition off of being fueled by gas and transition it to become 100% sustainably powered by the sun. Follow our social media for updates on this early test before the first SolarShare deployment.

Week 23 of th3build

A movement to build the future, powered by you.

☀️ Installing Solar Share

Last week we introduced NestEgg’s SolarShare: an initiative to crowdfund and share solar panels in the Netherlands. To finish the technical requirements of this initiative, we’re using a special IoT device that tracks and tokenizes the kWh created from a solar panel. This allows for automated administration over the blockchain to provide real-time transparency, track origin of each watt, and distribute it to the rightful owner without any company needed to run the server. Over the next few weeks we’ll be using this device to deploy the necessary features needed to launch SolarShare.

📺 Watch the video and read more about the IoT device installation!

⚡️View your kWh in real-time!

Since installing the IoT device, NestEgg has been developing features for the SolarShare program before it’s first pilot. One of these features is being able to track your shares of solar panels, even if they aren’t on your roof. Since you are part owner, you deserve to see the real-time generation of your kWh.

🐦 Checkout the sneak-peak on twitter!

What’s NestEgg?

If you are just hearing about NestEgg for the first time, cofounder Dean Masley gave speeches at Blockchain Day in Heerlen and the Pension Forum in Den Haag. In this speech, Dean lays out NestEgg’s vision: enabling everyone to upgrade their city to a smart city and reduce their cost of living in the process.

📺 Watch to discover NestEgg’s strategy, beginning with SolarShare

Week 21 of th3build

A movement to build the future, powered by you.

Testing Solar Panels!

Next week, NestEgg is planning the first tests of SolarShare. We’ll be installing an IoT device to an existing set of solar panels owned by a colleague. Through this setup, we’ll be able to stress-test our platform and fine-tune accuracy. The end result of these tests will prove that our platform can successfully keep track and coordinate dividends, which is necessary before deploying a real crowdfund.

Wish to purchase a piece of a solar panel? 👏 You’re invited to join the waiting list!

Meeting the Energy Mandate

By 2050, all households in the 🇳🇱Netherlands must be energy neutral. The dutch “klimaattafel” has proclaimed this ambitious goal at their last session ‘Gebouwde Omgeving’. Yet how they will reach this goal is still vague and open for new ideas.

NestEgg thinks this new paradigm can be met by turning households into power-plants. By upgrading consumers to prosumers (producer & consumer). Instead of private companies being the only responsible party for financing these deployments, the communities themselves can both fund and own the infrastructure that pays for their daily needs. This ensures this infrastructure’s priority is to deliver an improved standard of living to the community, enabling new business models (like reducing the costs of basic needs) that aren’t feasible under a private company’s more strict expected ROI.

⚡️ Read more about the dutch energy transition.

Commonized Public Infrastructure

Last week NestEgg attended the Future of Trust summit in the Hague. Held inside the ‘Knights Hall’, full of history and culture significance, the future was painted by various experts in the field as they described where certain phenomenons are heading.

One of the common themes of the event was to #commonize public infrastructure. In other words, design systems intended to be used as part of the commons, instead of silos that you have to request access to use. What does this public sandbox look like?

📺 Watch Dimitri de Jonghe’s speech at the Future of Trust summit

Week 19 of th3build

A movement to build the future, powered by you.

🇳🇱 in nederlands!

It’s LIVE! A Radical Sharing Economy

NestEgg has been running the Lockbox, a crowdfund experiment for a group to share a VR arcade, throughout the summer. The original crowdfunders have been able to use the VR arcade whenever they want, using their smartphone to open the bluetooth lock. While this is convenient for the original owners, guests had no way to participate.

Now… ANYONE can visit the Brightlands Smart Services Campus and purchase a reservation to the shared VR arcade. 📍Located in Heerlen, Netherlands.

While owners can continue the VR for free, guests will pay €5 per 1 hour session, using iDeal, a user-friendly euro payment method unique to the Netherlands. Every time a guest purchases a reservation, the original crowdfunders get paid a portion of the fee (not NestEgg!). Using our platform, crowdfunders can share with guests without effort.

📄 Read more about the Lockbox’s recent update.

☀️ Solar Share: reserve your spot now!

It’s finally here! NestEgg is preparing for the first deployment of solar panels! Very soon, neighbors will be able to participate in the crowdfunds of nearby solar panels and own a share of it’s production.

We’re currently testing our platform using a colleague’s existing solar panels, fine-tuning our IoT device that tracks kWh production and how it distributes credits to a group of people.

We’re estimating a launch of our first pilot in November, for neighborhoods within Limburg Netherlands.

👉 Reserve your spot now!

Using the Bitcoin Lightning Network

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the biggest topic that’s on everyone’s minds is scalability. In other words, how can these decentralized currencies stay usable as adoption accelerates? Currently, as more users compete to use the same ledger, transaction fees go up as more people try to use the ledger at the same time.

During Bitcoin’s last rise to $20k, the transaction fees grew uncontrollably over $25. This defeats the purpose of using this technology as an alternative financial system as the fees are greatly larger than traditional bank transfers and credit card payments.

Bitcoin’s approach to scalability is to use off-chain payment channels, otherwise known as “layer 2”. This means that transactions are not submitted to the blockchain, but rather conducted in “private” between parties. This allows for an unlimited amount of free and instant transactions between parties. At any time, users can settle their balance on these payment channels, withdrawing their balance to their account.

🎥 Watch as th3build uses Lightning Network to purchase games from Steam

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