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NestEgg’s New Year Plans

Currently NestEgg is running its simulation, giving a sneak peak at what the dashboard will look like upon launch. Yet where is this going? NestEgg is currently iterating the platform in pre-launch and has been collecting feedback to fine-tune the dashboard and clear out the bugs. This is preparing for NestEgg’s MVP launch of providing energy infrastructure from other companies (like the of infrastructure crowdfunds). In the background NestEgg is preparing blockchain pilots for building a longer term platform into the future. Read more here.

Rethink Retirement!

📺 Watch the trailer video!

NestEgg began as a hackathon project at the Odyssey Hackathon (then called Dutch Blockchain Hackathon). The world of pensions and retirement is more exciting than you think. APG (largest dutch pension service provider) is sponsoring the Rethink Retirement track at the hackathon, available to help individuals develop blockchain and ai solutions to create alternative forms of life security or provide pension services to places unserved.

The hackathon is this April 12-14 in Groningen, Netherlands. Up to €200k in cash prizes.

Signups last until Feb 25 👉 Sign up at

Americans living in the Netherlands

Chris Sparks and Dean Masley are Americans who live and work in the Netherlands. What is it like for these patriots to be living in Europe? What are some of the differences and broken myths did they come across?

Listen to their 📺 Couch Talk video