Week 6 of th3build

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Updates from th3build

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New to the NestEgg Team!

There’s some new eggies in the nest! We’re building NestEgg through rapid iterations of feedback from live experiments so that we can build this platform through the experiences of people using it. Since launching my.nestegg.eu, we’ve been on the fast-track towards more serious infrastructure deployments, and happy to have the help of our expanded team. We’re thrilled to double down and continue building unique experiences that peak into what the future of sharing economies look like when automated with blockchain and IoT.

In the meantime, the Lockbox experiment has been running with only minor bumps, allowing a group of enthusiasts to share access to a VR arcade. We’ve recently added some more games to the arcade and additional fine-tunings to help the owner get right into their arcade to start playing.

Would you like to launch a lockbox at your office with a bunch of enthusiasts? Reach out to nestegg.eu.

Car Sharing comes to Campus

NestEgg lives in Brightlands. A sandbox for innovation where we prototype the future. By building in a smart campus, we can explore concepts like sharing economies, automation with IoT and Blockchain–in the real world.

GoodMoovs has just arrived on campus with some fresh new electric wheels. Now residents on campus can share brand new fully electric cars and scooters. Thanks to Brightlands, the first 150km used is reimbursed, letting residents experience the future of carbon-free mobility right now.

Residents can get started after being on-boarded through GoodMoov’s mobile app, allowing them to open and start the car with their smartphones.

The Gig Economy

“This new network and open standard makes it possible for any type of developer (not just those that can code Solidity contracts!) to have a consistent source of work whenever necessary. I’m super excited about the possibilities of this, from students being able to make rent without having to go deep into debt, to startup founders that need to make some money on the side while their core business grows.

Are you willing to give it a try?” –Thomas Schoffelen. Read the article on Medium.