Week 4 of th3build

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Updates from th3build

The VR Crowdfund: SUCCESS!

The Lockbox is a blockchain & IoT experiment to automate administration of collectively owned infrastructure. We’re happy to say that our first project, a VR arcade hosted at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus, has successfully reached its fundraising target!

An email was sent out to the collective owners to vote upon which games they’d like to add to the arcade. So in addition to the few mini-games installed, we’ll be adding more experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Owners of the VR Arcade will receive reservation credits each week. They can head over to my.nestegg.eu to make reservations using their credits. Learn how this works here.

👉Coming Soon: The next feature of the lockbox will be allowing non-owners to purchase 1-time rental use. Then anyone can visit our startup campus and try it out.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jouliette tokenEnergy (kWh) Tokens?!

With a vision of designing future energy infrastructure, our friends at Jouliette are making their vision tangible through a proof-of-concept. Located at de Ceuvel in Amsterdam, Jouliette has created a community that deployed solar panels and facilitates the energy distribution using a blockchain token which represents the kWh created. These kWh tokens enable production of community energy to be more trackable and allows them to be redeemed at the local cafes and bars for drinks and snacks! You can view the real-time flow of energy at de Ceuvel here.

Want to learn more about Jouliette at their smart-city initiatives? They will be giving a speech at the WeMakeThe.City conference in Amsterdam, this June 22, 10:30am-Noon, at M-Lab in De Ceuvel.

Decentralize the Space Race

In the bitcoin community, #ToTheMoon is a meme in response to the question, “what will bitcoin’s price be in the future?”, often with price charts breaking through the graph. Yet Moonshot.Express is a growing community researching how to pull off the challenge of actually landing a trusted bitcoin private key on the moon.

They will be giving a speech about how anyone in the world can get involved to help pull this off at the 4th Internet of Agreements Conference: Space, this June 21st in London.

Can’t make it? Check out the recorded pitch recently given in the Hague during blockchain innovation week.