Week 23 of th3build

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☀️ Installing Solar Share

Last week we introduced NestEgg’s SolarShare: an initiative to crowdfund and share solar panels in the Netherlands. To finish the technical requirements of this initiative, we’re using a special IoT device that tracks and tokenizes the kWh created from a solar panel. This allows for automated administration over the blockchain to provide real-time transparency, track origin of each watt, and distribute it to the rightful owner without any company needed to run the server. Over the next few weeks we’ll be using this device to deploy the necessary features needed to launch SolarShare.

📺 Watch the video and read more about the IoT device installation!

⚡️View your kWh in real-time!

Since installing the IoT device, NestEgg has been developing features for the SolarShare program before it’s first pilot. One of these features is being able to track your shares of solar panels, even if they aren’t on your roof. Since you are part owner, you deserve to see the real-time generation of your kWh.

🐦 Checkout the sneak-peak on twitter!

What’s NestEgg?

If you are just hearing about NestEgg for the first time, cofounder Dean Masley gave speeches at Blockchain Day in Heerlen and the Pension Forum in Den Haag. In this speech, Dean lays out NestEgg’s vision: enabling everyone to upgrade their city to a smart city and reduce their cost of living in the process.

📺 Watch to discover NestEgg’s strategy, beginning with SolarShare