Week 21 of th3build

A movement to build the future, powered by you.

Testing Solar Panels!

Next week, NestEgg is planning the first tests of SolarShare. We’ll be installing an IoT device to an existing set of solar panels owned by a colleague. Through this setup, we’ll be able to stress-test our platform and fine-tune accuracy. The end result of these tests will prove that our platform can successfully keep track and coordinate dividends, which is necessary before deploying a real crowdfund.

Wish to purchase a piece of a solar panel? 👏 You’re invited to join the waiting list!

Meeting the Energy Mandate

By 2050, all households in the 🇳🇱Netherlands must be energy neutral. The dutch “klimaattafel” has proclaimed this ambitious goal at their last session ‘Gebouwde Omgeving’. Yet how they will reach this goal is still vague and open for new ideas.

NestEgg thinks this new paradigm can be met by turning households into power-plants. By upgrading consumers to prosumers (producer & consumer). Instead of private companies being the only responsible party for financing these deployments, the communities themselves can both fund and own the infrastructure that pays for their daily needs. This ensures this infrastructure’s priority is to deliver an improved standard of living to the community, enabling new business models (like reducing the costs of basic needs) that aren’t feasible under a private company’s more strict expected ROI.

⚡️ Read more about the dutch energy transition.

Commonized Public Infrastructure

Last week NestEgg attended the Future of Trust summit in the Hague. Held inside the ‘Knights Hall’, full of history and culture significance, the future was painted by various experts in the field as they described where certain phenomenons are heading.

One of the common themes of the event was to #commonize public infrastructure. In other words, design systems intended to be used as part of the commons, instead of silos that you have to request access to use. What does this public sandbox look like?

📺 Watch Dimitri de Jonghe’s speech at the Future of Trust summit