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It’s LIVE! A Radical Sharing Economy

NestEgg has been running the Lockbox, a crowdfund experiment for a group to share a VR arcade, throughout the summer. The original crowdfunders have been able to use the VR arcade whenever they want, using their smartphone to open the bluetooth lock. While this is convenient for the original owners, guests had no way to participate.

Now… ANYONE can visit the Brightlands Smart Services Campus and purchase a reservation to the shared VR arcade. 📍Located in Heerlen, Netherlands.

While owners can continue the VR for free, guests will pay €5 per 1 hour session, using iDeal, a user-friendly euro payment method unique to the Netherlands. Every time a guest purchases a reservation, the original crowdfunders get paid a portion of the fee (not NestEgg!). Using our platform, crowdfunders can share with guests without effort.

📄 Read more about the Lockbox’s recent update.

☀️ Solar Share: reserve your spot now!

It’s finally here! NestEgg is preparing for the first deployment of solar panels! Very soon, neighbors will be able to participate in the crowdfunds of nearby solar panels and own a share of it’s production.

We’re currently testing our platform using a colleague’s existing solar panels, fine-tuning our IoT device that tracks kWh production and how it distributes credits to a group of people.

We’re estimating a launch of our first pilot in November, for neighborhoods within Limburg Netherlands.

👉 Reserve your spot now!

Using the Bitcoin Lightning Network

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the biggest topic that’s on everyone’s minds is scalability. In other words, how can these decentralized currencies stay usable as adoption accelerates? Currently, as more users compete to use the same ledger, transaction fees go up as more people try to use the ledger at the same time.

During Bitcoin’s last rise to $20k, the transaction fees grew uncontrollably over $25. This defeats the purpose of using this technology as an alternative financial system as the fees are greatly larger than traditional bank transfers and credit card payments.

Bitcoin’s approach to scalability is to use off-chain payment channels, otherwise known as “layer 2”. This means that transactions are not submitted to the blockchain, but rather conducted in “private” between parties. This allows for an unlimited amount of free and instant transactions between parties. At any time, users can settle their balance on these payment channels, withdrawing their balance to their account.

🎥 Watch as th3build uses Lightning Network to purchase games from Steam