Week 12 of th3build

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Related imageThe City of Earth

Humans are terraforming the planet to meet our needs. For better or worse, we’re morphing the environment to create comfortable living standards. No corner is left untouched. Our language even guides us to talk about this as an inevitability — it’s only a matter of time until “third world” countries go first… Read the Article

Liquidizing Illiquid Assets

It’s 5 pm, end of your working day. You’re walking out of your office building into the garage to step in your car. You’re driving your way home, while crossing a few windmills they built a few months ago. Nothing noticeable right? Well, within this small time that has passed you’ve came along a lot of illiquid assets. So, why am I pointing that out — you may ask. It’s because there’s a lot of money locked up in these assets. Money we cannot access, while it is actually (y)ours… Read the Article


Explore the culture behind builders exploring new frontiers. The first episode “After Hours” is now live, following blockchainers and what they do for fun on the weekends. Coming up next, th3.build/tv will publish videos explaining how to create an organization yourself that uses blockchain, ai, and iot. Watch the first episode.