Introducing th3build

A movement to build the future, powered by NestEgg

Welcome to the beginning of a grand initiative.

For the past year, NestEgg has been conceiving and developing a model to decentralize the funding and ownership of infrastructure across the world. We believe in a future that puts people at the forefront of positively impacting their communities by building and owning the infrastructure that provides the services they need every day.

We are building a new foundation.

We are using a different strategy. Unlike Uber, for example, using top-down strategy of themselves funding and deploying self-driving cars across the world, we do the opposite. We see the world changing from owning things to buying the access to it. This sounds great, but why wouldn't we own the infrastructure together to guarantee this access? If not, we become dependent on a few big companies to rent access, in the process of giving up our ownership. Now's the time to prevent this from happening.

We believe in a bottom-up revolution that grows through local initiative. Individuals who are enthusiastic about improving their community can crowdfund the costs upfront and collectively own it together so that a community can use the infrastructure for free/cheap afterwards. Th3build aims to empower, network, and shine a spotlight on those building innovative and autonomous infrastructure in their local community. Then, anyone else in the world can copy-paste the success seen abroad in their own city.

Each success inspires the next. We can evolve cities into nodes of a global network that shares access to the infrastructure we build together.

We build for generations to come.

This is the 3rd Industrial Revolution.

A transition away from carbon fuels and artificial scarcity towards sustainable energy and abundance. The realization that your reputation, social networks, and initiative can be more powerful for real-world change than a corporation’s wallet. With blockchain, AI, and IoT: we will build sustainable energy production, accessible autonomous transportation and delivery, and sovereign communication networks. We first build up our own communities, so that we know how to help others build theirs.

We are building a future in which the robots don’t take our jobs, but work for us so we can focus on bigger problems and ambitious explorations.

This is just the beginning, are you ready to build?

NestEgg cannot do this alone.

We’re launching th3build as the movement to build the 3rd industrial revolution. NestEgg will kick off this journey through real-world experiments exploring decentralized funding and ownership of infrastructure. Yet, we are just 1 party and we invite all enthusiasts, builders, and innovators to join and deploy new infrastructures in their communities. This is not just NestEgg, this is all of us working in parallel to build the change we want to see in the world.

Our Goal: Globally replace carbon fuel with green energy by 2040.

Why is this an important goal?

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To kick off th3build, NestEgg is launching a radical new sharing economy in the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, Netherlands.

“Wait. What? Where? Why?”

Sharing economies are an incredible innovation. They extend the efficiency of an asset by communicating when it’s available for someone else to use it. Whether that’s your apartment when you’re on holiday, or a spare-seat in a car going in the same direction: more people are getting more utility out of the same asset. So let’s take this idea to the next level.

What if you could just pay upfront, one time, for free access afterwards, indefinitely? Once you help crowdfund an item, you don’t need to keep paying to use it, you already bought it (with others).

Introducing the Lockbox

  1. Individuals crowdfund the gadget they want to share.

  2. The item is stored inside a locked room, secured by a bluetooth smart-lock.

  3. Crowdfunders will receive (tokenized) shares of ownership, which provides free credits each month that can open the lock. Non-crowdfunders can pay to open the lock (and these payments will be distributed among the crowdfunders).

Through this arrangement, a group of individuals can aggregate the funds necessary for purchasing the VIVE. Following the crowdfund, controlled access to the VIVE will be automated using shares of ownership.

The Lockbox is LIVE at Brightlands Smart Services Campus

This is just the very beginning. First we stress-test our platform with a VR arcade. Then we deploy solar panels and self-driving cars. Help us turn Heerlen, Netherlands into the platform that launches us into the future.

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